About Us

Unimax Power is a private company, founded in 2007 by Efendi. It is our call to focus in the production and distribution of quality , Indonesian heritage herbal products.

At first, Unimax Power was a distributor of scientific herbal products, which had been empirically tested and recognized by the community. Now, our focus have shifted by expanding our wings in various industries, especially manufacturing herbal products. The products are processed from herbal ingredients and spices native to Indonesia that have been known and used from generation to generation.

As a manufacturing company, Unimax Power produced quality herbal products with accordance to standard of How to Make Good Traditional Medicine or Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional yang Baik (CPOTB). With a strong dedication and faith of Indonesian herbal potencies, Unimax Power is ready to take a next step in becoming the herbal products market leader and grow exponentially with our partners & networks.


To become a well-known health company in Indonesia that helps consumers become healthier with a better quality of life, through innovative and trendsetter products.


  • Build and combine a unique and powerful marketing strategy with unique distribution to gain effective result.
  • Build a solid R&D bases and make a breakthrough by producing unique products.
  • Develop partnerships throughout our journey in expanding our business.

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