Nett per capsule: 350 mg each, per bottle contains 60 capsules.

Herbal capsule for men, made with Moringa oleifera folium, Lepidium meyenii rhizoma and Zingiber officinale rhizoma extracts to help maintaining men stamina.


  • Maintain men stamina


Each capsule contains:

  • Moringa oleifera folium extract
  • Lepidium meyenii rhizoma extract
  • Zingiber officinale rhizoma extract

Dosage: 3 times a day, 2 capsules each

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M2J capsules are available to be purchased per bottle, contains 60 capsules. Each capsule weight 350 mg.


  • Maintain stamina for men

Dosage: 3 times a day, 2 capsules each.


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